Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Yachats Gazette, Wednesday September 14, Issue 2

Synchronicity 101: New Gallery Grand Opening

The Yachats Gazette spoke with Bren Stockton-Wheeler, owner of the new gallery Synchronicity 101.
TYG: How did you end up in Yachats?

Bren: Through the eighties and nineties I would come here to de-stress from my career in Los Angeles, and knew someday I would retire on the coast of Oregon. Many many many years later, I met my husband and we lived in Tulsa for five years. We came here for vacations, and he fell in love with Oregon as I had.

TYG: What did you do before?          

Bren: My background is in interior design and art, and my husband has an architecture degree. 

TYG: So what’s going on in the gallery?

Bren: Saturday, September 17, from 1-9 pm, Synchronicity 101 is having a grand opening. We’re featuring the artist Pete Sandschaper, who is flying in from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He does mainly acrylics. We’re having prize drawings throughout the day. You can preregister for the drawings -- if you’re unable to attend you can still win a prize. 

TYG: Anything else to add?

Bren: Synchronicity 101 is a modern art gallery. We also have lighting and clocks. Please come in and check them out! We’d love to see you.

Synchronicity 101 is located at 2118 Highway 101 North, in the Greenhouse Marketplace at the north end of Yachats. 541-547-3095.

Restaurant News: Ona Restaurant & Lounge

The Yachats Gazette spoke with Michelle Bursey, chef and owner of Ona Restaurant and Lounge.

TYG: So how is the shop going?

Michelle: The shop is going fabulously. We've been here almost one year -- it'll be in one year in October. I think it's going really smoothly. We have lots of very very satisfied people.

TYG: Anything new at the restaurant?

Michelle: We're in the middle of harvest time in the northwest, so we're using a lot of really wonderful fresh tomatoes, specifically the heirloom variety. We did some fried green tomatoes the other day, with two different sauces. We've been doing a caprese salad, which is fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and basil. We have wonderful produce coming in from all the different farms. This weekend we're doing a broiled sturgeon. We've got a lot of parties going on -- a wedding rehearsal dinner for 40 people, and then another wedding dinner for 20 people. We've got a great staff -- pretty much everybody is local, and we have a lot of fun together.

Shop News: Yachats Mercantile

Wyatt Feichtner, Yachats Mercantile:

TYG: So what's going on with the shop?

Wyatt: We just got done with the kite festival. Right now we're getting ready for things to slow down a little bit, getting into the winter season, selling kites. 

TYG: Does everybody know that the Mercantile has a new owner? 

Wyatt: I think that most people know. My name is Wyatt Feichtner --  I'm a local boy. I took over in January. I used to be a carpenter, now I hang out with the kitty -- (laughs) Misty, the shop cat, who's currently sleeping on the printer.

Shop News: Updates

Donna Hirschman, at Planet Yachats:

“We got new hand carving from Kenya and it’s really pretty. We have some plates and some carvings and some bowls and a bunch of other really nice stuff.”

Donna also told us about the Yachats Agate Festival, January 21-22, 2012 ("the height of agate-hunting season"), at the Yachats Commons, sponsored by the Yachats Chamber of Commerce. There will be vendors and demonstrations.

Bonnie Jean McVay, Turtle Island Candles and Gifts

"Everybody thought I was moving back to Hawaii, but I’m not – I’m going to stay! So for both Turtle Island Tattoo and Turtle Island Candle Company, you can tell everybody that Bonnie Jean is staying in town!"

Valerie Odenthal, Antique Virgin:

"Hi, my name is Valerie Odenthal, and I'm the new owner of Antique Virgin, located at 310 North Highway 101 in Yachats. We had our opening under new ownership on Friday, September 2. We offer all sorts of interesting items. We're really friendly, and you're welcome to come in and browse."

Some Yachats Goings-On

Sep 17:            SOLV’s Beach & Riverside Clean-Up
Sep 24:            Music & Art in the Garden (Little Log Church)
Sep 30-Oct 2:  Yachats Art Guild Fall Finale (Commons)
Oct 21-23:       Yachats Village Mushroom Festival


Eric Stafford, Firefighter/Paramedic, Yachats Rural Fire Protection District:

"Yachats is doing a push for volunteers. We're going to be trying to recruit more volunteer firefighters -- people who want to do fire, EMS, surf rescue, rope rescue. We have a new rope team for the entire county (Yachats, Seal Rock, and Waldport make up the south county team). We just recently received a code 3 rope rescue certification. Should there be people hurt on the shore, or vehicles that roll off the highways, we can do low-angle rope rescues and retrieve those people from the beach or other surface where they are in peril."

Volunteer Requirements:
  • 18 years old or older
  • Ability to make and finish training
  • Ability to pass physical agility course
  • Ability to pass health screening
  • Insurable driving record
Please contact:

Yachats Rural Fire Protection District
215 W. 2nd Street
Yachats, OR 97498
541.547.3266 (phone)
541.547.4257 (fax)

Come to the fire station and fill out an application!