Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Yachats Gazette, Sunday August 21 2011, Issue 1


Toad Hall is an arts and crafts store that sells decorative accessories for home and urban garden. Toad Hall’s merchandise includes paintings, woodwork, glassworks, jewelry, clocks, and cards. Location: 237 West 3rd Street in Yachats.
We spoke with Valeria, owner of Toad Hall, about current happenings:

“We have a lot of artists who are showing their work right now. There’s a lady named Julie Scott – she does awesome dog pictures. She’s being featured right now. And we have Scott Copeland, who is another featured artist, and he does Native American art. His mother lives here in town, but he lives in Eugene. And we have a glass artist, Jen Baer, and she lives in Eugene. So those are our featured artists this month. Also, an author named Sage Sterling has a book that’s called With Our Thanks – In Gratitude of Our Military. And she’s going to be doing a book signing here sometime this month.”


Maris Books is a store that has gently used and new books, everything from silly kids’ cartoons to information about the formation of the United States. Mari, Mary, and Jeannine are really nice, and they are the owners of the store.

We spoke with Mary about news of the business:

“At Mari’s Books, we’ve had a lot of business in July and August, so we also have to do a lot of book buying.  And this week, I went to Corvallis and Albany and Eugene to buy books. We have a whole bunch more books here in the store. […] Mari and Jeannine are in Eugene today buying books. So this coming week would be a good time to come to our store, because we’re going to have a lot of stock, […] a lot of books that they haven’t seen before. And we have a whole bunch of felted items that my daughter Kari Wiltse made. We have lots of bowls that she felted and cup cozies and bookmarks.”



Judith’s Kitchen Tools is a great place to get glasses (the drinking kind), can openers, wooden salad spoons, and much, much more. The atmosphere is lively and energetic with all the buying customers.
We spoke with Judith, the owner of Judith’s Kitchen Tools, about local business in Yachats:

“The shop has been doing really well. I think we’ve had a lot of visitors to the Oregon Coast because it has been so warm in so many other places in the United States. I think those of us who live on the Oregon Coast right now are pretty darn lucky because we’re the coolest, most comfortable place to be. Because a lot of people have been here, I’ve had a lot of people in my shop and they’ve bought a lot of very interesting things that they had never seen before in their home states. I’ve gotten to talk to people from Germany and from Italy, England, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and from all over the United States.  And that’s the fun part of having a shop – meeting all of the great people who come in here. Business has been very good. And I think it’s been good for everyone. I’ve had good sales, consistently, since the first of July. I’m hoping for a good fall… Which is often technically our real summer… the real summery weather seems to come to the central Oregon coast in late August into September and early October. If the weather holds and it’s nice, we’ll have a lot of visitors then too.”